Natural Blue Diamonds

6.04 carat Fancy vivid blue oval cut diamond ring

What Makes them Blue?

The blue color in these stunning diamonds is usually caused by the presence of boron, though it can also result from radiation exposure or hydrogen.

Colors can range from green-blue to gray-blue, with pure blue color considered to be the most valuable.

Blue Diamonds in History

Natural blue diamonds have been sought after for centuries, due to their beauty and rarity. One of the most famous diamonds in the world – the Hope diamond – has an especially rich history. Believed to have originated from the Kollur mine in India, the 45.52 carat diamond may have been part of King Louis XIV’s crown jewel collection – otherwise known as the “French Blue”. 

This stone has garnered much interest over the centuries, from rumors of it being cursed to being depicted in the Titanic. Regardless of provenance, natural blue diamonds have been routinely fetching high prices in auctions.

A 3.19 Carat Fancy Greenish-Blue Diamond from Scarselli

Blue Diamond Jewelry from Scarselli

Blue diamond jewelry is highly coveted, due to its value, beauty, and rarity. Scarselli takes great care when handling natural blue diamonds in the jewelry-making process. 

From acquirement to the final design, decades of experience allows Scarselli to produce some of the world’s finest blue diamond jewelry.