Fancy Pink Diamonds

What Makes them Pink?

Interestingly, the source of color for pink diamonds is not linked to trace elements, as with yellow and blue diamonds. Rather, an imperfection of the crystal lattice structure creates a distortion, allowing us to perceive the stone as pink. 

The majority of the world’s pink diamonds come from the Argyle mine in Australia – responsible for 80-90% of supply. After 37 years of operation and 865 million carats produced, the mine closed down in 2020.

Color Intensity and Cut

As with other fancy diamond colors, natural pink diamonds are cut in order to retain as much color as possible. While the source of color is not dependent on the presence of trace elements, pink diamonds are some of the rarest of the fancy colors. 

While secondary colors can be found in pink diamonds, the most valuable stones are those with pure, vivid pink color.

One of the most valuable pink diamonds in the world is the 186 carat Darya-ye-Noor – one of Iran’s crown jewels, estimated to be worth over $20 billion.

Pink Diamond Jewelry

Pink diamond jewelry is highly coveted, due to its value, beauty, and rarity. 

Scarselli takes great care when handling natural pink diamonds in the jewelry-making process. Working with artisans with decades of experience to produce a stunning final product.