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Scarselli tells a story of evolution and passion. From its roots selling white diamonds in post-WWII Italy, the company shifted its focus onto the rarest category of diamonds: Fancy Colors.

Honing one’s expertise on the most elusive diamonds denotes a sense of persistence. This approach is reflected in the inimitable stones that we have had the privilege of working with. We love the process of designing one-of-a-kind pieces with our discerning clients, as well as helping collectors find investment-grade stones.

Natural Fancy Color Diamonds

Experts in the world of Fancy Colored Diamonds.

From rough to the final product, Scarselli monitors every step of the process to ensure optimal color and quality are achieved in each stone.

The value, rarity, and beauty of natural-colored diamonds demands a skilled eye and hand. As a company with generations of experience and a wide network of artisans, Scarselli has earned its reputation for exceptional fancy color diamonds.

Having owned some of the world’s most notable stones, like the Aurora Green and the Ember Red, Scarselli represents the best in the world of fancy colors.

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