Some of the most notable pieces that Scarselli has dealt with.

World Record Breaking.

At 5.03 carats, this fancy vivid green diamond is the largest to be sold at auction. $3.3 million per carat makes this stone one of the most expensive in the world.
Named after Aurora Borealis as both the phenomenon and stone represent stunning natural wonders.

Another exceptional quality of this diamond is that it possesses no fluorescence – something that is nearly unheard of with fancy greens.

The Aurora Green Diamond

Aurora Green Diamond ring on a blue background. 5.03 Carat Fancy Vivid Green Center diamond surrounded by pink diamonds.

The Ember Diamond

One of the rarest fancy color diamonds in the world.

Classified as Fancy Reddish Orange, the Ember Diamond is 1.26 carats. Despite this relatively small size, the unusual color makes this stone incredibly unique. It is estimated that there are 20-30 red diamonds in the world.

The Eye of the Dragon

In 2012, Scarselli designed an objet d’art in honor of the Year of the Dragon. 

This piece, aptly named the Golden Dragon, features an extraordinary 50 carat fancy yellow diamond. Designed in collaboration with Michel Morren, the bottle earned its title as the world’s most expensive bottle of vodka in 2016. With yellow symbolizing power, royalty and prosperity – this piece is intended to celebrate Chinese culture in a bold way. 

An illustration of the design for a bottle of vodka designed to house a large natural yellow diamond as the eye of a dragon head.

Lilac TI 22

Featured in the 57th Venetian Biennial, in collaboration with jewelry designer Paola Brussino

TI 22 stands for titanium – the metal used by the designer, who uses unconventional materials to juxtapose the fine jewels they house. The fine jewel in question is an oval cut, 1.27 carat fancy purple diamond – known as a lilac diamond. 

An oval shaped light purple diamond on a web like titanium ring.
A horizontal image showing all five of the natural fancy color diamonds that make up the Olympia Diamond Collection from Scarselli. They vary in size and color.

The Olympia Collection​

The Olympia Diamond Collection, containing a modest number of five stones, is nonetheless a giant in the realm of superlative diamonds. Respectively, each diamond is a natural masterpiece. When considered as a whole, the collection represents the rarest colors known in diamonds. A kaleidoscope of colors when observed together, with sizes ranging from 1.01 ct to 2.34 ct, they represent an incomparable, astounding treasure.

Education and drive are the principal ingredients behind the formation of a great collection. This is true whether the objects are paintings, books, drawings, or gems. It is also true that self-enjoyment in pursuit of the objects, and the desire to share their beauty with the world, also play a significant role. 

But those who seek out masterpieces for their collection are driven by a unique passion – one that few can fully comprehend. This passion to provide the finest, natural fancy-color diamonds is what drives the Scarselli family, and separates the brand from the rest of the industry.