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Natural Fancy Blue Diamond Floral Necklace
Our thoughts were many approaching the creation of a one-of-kind rare diamond necklace that would become one of the most important diamond pieces in the jewellery world.

Beginning with the dream of exclusively collecting round brilliant cut diamonds in the family of "natural fancy blue"... (naturally blue diamonds being a tremendously rare occurrence in nature and the round cut is an even more rare shape among all of the natural fancy blue diamonds in existence) ..each diamond was acquired one by one. In in a further step these diamonds were re-cut in for match and symmetry after determining that each possessed homogeneous color and tones, a task for only the most experienced diamantaires.

In total, it took four years for a collection of enough matching rare colored diamonds to give away to our dream jewel project -- a highlight being the acquisition of a seven carat Pear shape natural fancy blue diamond with a delightful combination of blue color and tone.

Once the work started, it took nine month to finish our necklace. Our vision was to create a unique statement of style and aesthetics in which the combination of hand carved mother-pearl, pink and blue diamonds would harmoniously float on a vine of precious metal.

The design was the first piece of the puzzle. Realizing that most necklaces produced these days are symmetrical and linear, we wanted something more exciting, to have our audience engaged and the eye delighted as it explores the beauty of nature as it flows naturally -- this time with the floral inspiration worked in the most precious of earths brilliant delights - the rarest of colored diamonds.

To create the petals of the flowers we looked to alternative materials in addition to precious metal, realizing that mother-of-pearl, cut by hand into the shape of the flowers would not only provide the right contrast, but would allow the brilliance of the blue diamonds to hold court against the soft lustre of the mother-of-pearl.

The individual sheets of mother-pearl were acquired and each flower was cut by hand, no one flower being identical to another and the creation directed by artistic vision. In the end we would have the perfect design to bring the eye to the center. Keeping the future owner in mind our design resulted an a work of art so well crafted that an individual standing 15 feet away would well experience the excitement of the necklace.

The center seven carat pear shape blue diamond, instead of being placed in the exact center of the necklace is slightly positioned toward the left side of the necklace, a flower and precious jewel reaching closer to the beating heart of the wearer -- and at the same time leading the eye to a unique end. With the diamond pointing away from the center it shifted the imagination to feel the magic directed from the end point of the necklace.

The earrings, are harmoniously created to attract the eye from every direction in the room. Adding a line of matching pink diamonds surrounding the mother-pearl petals both finished and enriched the aesthetics of the piece.

Each pair of blue diamonds combined in weight ranges from 0.37 carats to 2.05 carats in round brilliant GIA certified "blue" with the largest diamond in a 7 carat similarly reported as "blue" by GIA.

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